Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Who would have imagined the most conservative Black man in America agreeing with feminist? Don’t fret, I still uphold my conservative views, but recently, I’ve expanded my understanding and have become acutely aware of the damage of misogynistic attitudes advanced by the Hip-Hop under-culture.

In 2004, several movies released by Hollywood made me feel good about being a man: Arthur and Troy. Both movies depicted men of character, men who were willing to die for glory and principles, men who stood tall with purpose and duty to a higher power. How could any man not feel good after watching strong willed men accomplish and achieve their destiny or die trying?

Although the men in these movies are fictional, real life men fail miserably in comparison. In the Black community, men greet one another using the term “player” as if the word has positive intrinsic value. Truthfully it does not! As of late, I’ve personally become insulted by the use of the word. A Player (Playa) is a coward that lacks the moral conviction and strength to deal with a woman as a person of value. A Playa is also a male who is too lazy or too weak to work through the problems that are inevitable in relationships. Rather than stand for something, the coward Player retreats to another woman. Rather than stand for truth, he hides behind the image of decency but lacks the strength to fulfill its principles. In the end, his proud accomplishments are of deceiving women who desperately want to believe he’s a good man.

If you absolutely lack any moral convictions, principles or decency, you qualify for the title of Pimp. Outside of those involved in prostitution, when men refer to themselves as Pimps that translates into not having a willingness to work to support themselves or their family. The woman now becomes responsible for maintaining the family that includes a man.

The modern battlefield is the workplace. Men do battle using tools of intelligence, work experience and mastery to keep their families safe. Any man that is not willing to battle for his woman or his family is no man. Black men respect your Black woman and treat her with dignity and pride by demonstrating a willingness to support her. We should all reject using terms like Playa, Pimp and Gangster as acceptable greeting and focus on using words that add value: friend, father, husband, RFM (responsible fucking man). It is never to late to join the revolution.