Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Selma Moment

We all remember the march from Selma Alabama to Montgomery on March 25, 1965. Dr. King told the assembled crowd: "There never was a moment in American history more honorable and more inspiring than the pilgrimage of clergymen and laymen of every race and faith pouring into Selma to face danger at the side of its embattled Negroes". The civil rights movement demonstrated what can be done when determination and righteousness meet. When I watch Eyes on the Prize and other civil rights documentaries, I feel good about the accomplishments of those who marched so everyone in America can be free.

My proud moments quickly soured when I examine the movements of today. Black folks seem to be searching for their Selma Moment. Something which defines them as legitimate Blacks who struggles against the wave of racism lead by Mr. Charlie. Black folks need something which explains the lack of accomplishment and outright failure of Blacks compared to other groups today. Blacks have the highest unemployment rate in America due to our lack of skills and a good education. We have the worst schools in the country which contributes to our high unemployment rate. High crime, incarceration, high school drop out rate... I think you get the picture.

How do we as a people deal with our failure? We invent a Selma Moment. White cops killing Blacks is the Selma Moment of today. It was not long ago that the criminal justice system was our Selma Moment. For a while we were blaming Republicans and the Tea Party for our problems. We actually have Blacks wasting time dealing with this non-issue of White cops killing Blacks and White Liberal Progressives endorsing and approving because it keeps our eyes off the prize. According to the Justice department, about a hundred Blacks are killed by White officers each year. The city of Chicago will see a hundred deaths of Blacks in a good month. Do you see how brainless and mindless it is to make White cops killing Blacks an issue when Blacks are killed by other Blacks 93% of the time.

According to the American Free Press, "Over the past 35 years in America, an estimated 324,000 blacks have been killed at the hands of fellow blacks, proving racist White cops are the least of their worries." So lets examine why and how White cops have become the Selma Moment of today.

Black folks do not want to face the truth that Liberal, Progressive, Democrats, both Black and White, have led Blacks folks to failure land, and rather than face the truth about our poor voting choice, it is easier to blame others i.e. White cops. Democrats have run our schools for seventy plus years and we have nothing but poor results. The average inner city high school graduate is three grade level behind the national average. Why isn't the Democratic party doing something about the plight of Black folks? They need Blacks to suffer to keep our vote. They have no desire to fix anything. Their plan is and will continue to be to keep Blacks struggling to find jobs, to keep Black kids in failing schools so they are unprepared for employment or college and to keep Blacks segregated in distressed area with high crime and drugs.

It's time for Blacks to free ourselves from our oppressor: The Democratic Party.

Join the revolution!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I've taken some time off to study and reflect. I must say the re-election of POTUS Obama set me back and took much of the wind from my sails. The silver lining is that ten million people came to their senses and decided to not vote for him this election, but it was not enough. Now I realize it is time to walk the walk. I have spoken many times about freeing ourselves from the government plantation, well it is time for me to accept responsibility and do my part. Oppression can be used as a motivator to take action.

I own a phone company named MOTC Telecom. I started it because I love voice over IP, SIP, Unified Communications and communication technology has a whole. I love with great passion what I do. Also, it gives me a chance to be a first which was important to me for much of my life. MOTC Telecom is the first Black owned phone company in America. I feel good about myself and I wake up with a greater purpose. MOTC Telecom is a good first step, but there are many more steps that need to be taken.

I now accept and own doing something about the high unemployment rate in the Black community. MOTC Telecom is going to open doors for others who may not have the opportunity to discover their passion in life. There are others just like me who could discover their calling in life if they just had a chance and someone who believed in them. There are fathers who want to be responsible and provide for their families but can't get a break or the experience they need to get a better paying job. I can't sit back and feel good about being the first at something if my Black community family is catching hell.

Tony Brown had a huge impact on my thinking when I was in college and he helped shape the deep sense of being my brother's keeper. Part of my driving force will be to make a difference in the lives of others like Tony impacted my life. The time for talking and writing is over, the time for doing is NOW.

I am going to hire as many Black folks as possible who find themselves locked out of the mainstream. My door opening will not be a handout but an opportunity. My standards are high and will continue to be that way. I want people who are the best or willing to work hard to become the best. I want folks who are well rounded: good workers and great parents. I designed MOTC Telecom as the best Internet phone company that is second to none, but a company is only as good as its people; therefore, the people of MOTC Telecom will have the responsibility to carry the heavy weight of excellence.

I am my brother's keeper. It is my responsibility to create jobs for my community. It is my responsibility to provide services to my community when others dare not. Accepting responsibility is the next step in my journey.

I am asking everyone who visits my blog to give me an opportunity to earn your telephone business. We offer the best service with the highest quality sound. Our VoIP/SIP service uses HD sound. Our features and services are un-matched in the communication industry, and we guarantee to cut in half the phone bill of any major carrier.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Love Thou Slave Master

Black people often ask me, "how could you not support POTUS Obama?" He is black; you are black; black folks should support black people. The more important question is, should black folks support their slave masters? POTUS Obama is the head of the Democratic Party, an organization that terrorize black folks, did everything within their power to keep blacks from getting an education, use the KKK to lynch black folks, enacted black codes, created separate but equal and many more atrocities keep blacks from voting, integrating into white society and exercising their right as a citizen of the United States of America. Why would any black person in their right mind support the Democratic Party?

For years black people have been supporting the Democratic Party out of ignorance. If I did not possess the knowledge that I have, I could be one of those black folks supporting the Democratic Party. Knowledge not only liberates the mind, but it forces you to act on the knowledge that you have. My actions are directly result of the knowledge that I learned. I cannot support a party that killed thousands of black people. In fact, I will never support that party, I will never give money to that party, I will never vote for anyone from that party, and I will do everything in my power to bring the Democratic Party down. I will never say anything nice about the Democratic Party. I will never say anything nice about anyone who belongs the Democratic Party. To support the Democratic Party is to support their past.

My personal belief is that anyone who belongs to the Democratic Party, supports the Democratic Party or vote for the Democratic Party has their brain stuck on stupid. I know the Bible says turn the other cheek, to forgive is divine, love thy enemy, but this is asking entirely too much of black folks. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm looking at this entirely the wrong way. Maybe I should sell my soul to the devil for food stamps, housing vouchers and other handouts from the government. Unfortunately I don't think I can do that because I'm not a bitch. I'm a real man! Being a slave to the state is not my genetics.

Some folks are starting to wake up and see the damage to the black community as a result of dependency on the state. Dependency on government takes away your hopes, your dreams and your desires. What is left is a shell of a person that is barely functioning, can barely think, lacks normal intelligence, and can only share a thought put into their head by a liberal.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stuck On Stupid

How do you keep millions of people in the dark about American history when the truth is readily available. We live in an age of immediate information via the Internet and yet the truth seems beyond the reach of so many. I would think it near impossible to accomplish such a task of keeping millions blind, deaf and dumb, and yet before my very eyes, I have witnessed the flow of history travel the river of time with a large multitude of people quenching their mental thirst in puddles of ignorance that are no where near the river of truth. It is common for all of us to miss the mark on certain facts due to our own internal prejudices. If we were simply speaking of an incorrect fact here or there, I would be the first to say the mistakes are within the bounds of human normalcy. Blacks in America are the subjects of the greatest brainwashing ever conducted.

According to a Gallup poll of 1,319 adults taken in April of 2011, a majority of blacks (59%) say that the government should play a major role in improving the social and economic position of blacks, while 19% of whites agree. A little over half of blacks (52%) say that new civil rights laws are needed in this country, while 15% of whites agree. This shows Blacks still have a fear and look to the government for protection. What exactly are we afraid of? At what point are we allowed to be free people and not have to live in a constant state of fear requiring big brother to come protect us. Why are not other ethnic groups in America seeking government protection?

Do you think that relations between blacks and whites will always be a problem for the United States, or that a solution will eventually be worked out? The result of this Gallup question resulted in 55% of Blacks saying a solution will not be worked out. With a Black President, who made it to the White House with the support of many White folks, Blacks still believe there will always be a problem between Black and Whites. Let me let you in on a little secret, Blacks are afraid of Republicans. This is who they want the government to protect them from. Let's compare the parties to see who we should be afraid of.

It is time to be baptized in the river of truth. Republican party is the party of freedom, the party that fought for civil rights, the party of personal responsibility and the party that wants everyone to have the freedom to pursue happiness within the law to their ability. The Democratic party was the party of the KKK, the party of slavery and went to war to keep slavery, the party that did not want Blacks to vote, the party that did not want Blacks to be educated, the party of Wilson and The Birth of a Nation, the party that opposed every civil and voting rights legislation until the 1960s when they discovered Blacks were actually dumb enough to vote for them. Liar, liar is what they shout at me when I speak the truth. Over time you would think I would no longer be surprised at mass ignorance. You would think I would simply accept "what is" as what it is and what it will be. I guess part of me still holds on to an ounce of hope that a light will emerge from the darkness and fuel my hope that mass enlightenment will come some day. I guess like Martin Luther King, we all have our dreams.

How did this happen? How is it in an age of information, Blacks are ignorant of the history of the political party they support faithfully: idiot savants. Dr. Eric Michael Dyson say Blacks vote the issues not the party. Idiot savant: Dr. Marc Hill who legitimize blaming Whites for the ills and problems of the Black community. Idiot savant: Dr. Cornel West continues to blame America for the problems of Blacks. Idiot savant: Tavis Smiley criticize President Obama and rightfully so, but he is still a hamburger, small drink and small fry short of a Happy Meal. None of these idiots are where they are due to a government program. The idiots know the history of the Democratic party, know the solution for freedom but refuse to share their knowledge, and they continue to use their voice to keep Blacks blind, deaf and dumb. Sorry Nation of Islam, not due to the devil or white folks.

Idiot savants? Yes! Savants because they are all brilliant men. Extremely intelligent and self made in their own right. Idiots? Yes! The problem with the Idiot Savants is that they lack a belief that the masses of Blacks can do what they did. They want the rest of us to beg whites to share their wealth, beg the Republican party not to cut off the government cheese, they want Black kids to continue to attend failing schools, get on your knees some more and beg for a job, Please Mr. Charlie, please, please do something for my people for they have not, know not, and God willing, I will do everything within me to keep it that way. The more folks escaping the plantation endanger them from being special.

I know you are asking why? What would motivate the Idiot Savants to do such a thing. First, let me make clear the folks I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Blacks in position of leadership know their role. They know they serve the master and must do their part to keep the master happy. Teachers continue teaching Black kids the lie about history. Those on television use their opportunity to fuel the lies in an effort to keep the masses slaves to massa. Millions of Blacks misled about the truth and the Idiot Savants do nothing to change course. If you are really good at misleading Blacks, they feature you on MSNBC: Resist we much.

The crime against Blacks is an American tragedy. I am reaching out to anyone who will hear my plea for help. Learn the truth, spread the truth to others and help put an end to the programming and mind conditioning of Blacks.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Puppet Master and his puppet

A good friend called me today and as we were talking, I mentioned the folks in New Orleans are still in need of help and Obama has not provided any assistance since he’s been in office. Obama has keep his promises to the teachers union, the labor unions, Latinos, Wall Street folks, but when it comes to Black folks, he cut school vouchers to thousands of Black kids in DC who used those vouchers as a means to escape the rot of DC schools. My friend is such a truckle for Obama that he provided me the choice to continue insulting Obama or change the subject. If I continued insulting Obama, as he puts it, then he was hanging up. My response to him, “fuck that nigger Obama” and then I hung up the phone. I refused to be silent over friendship.

Obama promised the world to everyone and is doing his best to deliver, but when it comes to Blacks, he promised nothing and that is exactly what he is delivering. He dare not do anything that makes it seems like he is showing favorite to Black folks. The fact is Bush spent twenty billion on Katrina and Obama not one red cent. The problem with Katrina is that too many Blacks are associated with it. If Katrina had a white face, Obama would be all over it with money, hope and change.

When you point out that Obama has done nothing for Black folks, the follow-order-functionaries (truckles) say stupid things like, “he can’t come across as being biased for Blacks or he risk losing White support.” So as usual, Black folks supported a party and a candidate that don’t support them. But every two to four years, the poverty pimps (Jackson, Sharpton) come out reminding Black folks to support the wrong person because they make their money selling out their people. When are Blacks going to ask themselves, what in the hell has all this support gotten me? I’m catching the same hell after Election Day as I did before election day. Black folks keep getting poorer and poorer but we continue to support the party that is keeping us poor.

Do you really think the Democratic Party want to see Black folks having real wealth in America? To have folks worrying about how to reduce their tax liabilities, increase their wealth, how to get their kids into good schools, and not dependent on government for their existence are the last things the Democratic Party and their overseers and house niggers want for Black folks. You being free to live your life is the last thing they want for you. The very last!

Where is the proof they say, well all I ask is that you research for yourself. Here is what Standford university had to say: “The news is particularly good for black students. Six to seven months after entering their new private school, low-income African American students scored higher in math and reading than those remaining in public schools.” Oh my God, a program that actually works and helps Black kids. Let’s send the puppet (Obama) to put a stop to that program. Can’t have programs actually working for Blacks; not when we have all these failed programs especially designed to keep them down. So the truckles praise the puppet for allowing the kids already enrolled to graduate, but no new kids can be helped because the puppet promised the teachers union that we would force kids back to the public schools. Private school is good for the Obama kids, but not for Black kids stuck in the hood trying to get out.

Black folks, stop being played and open your eyes and see who the real enemy is: Obama and his Party.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Response to Maybe Men Are Not the Problem

I would give the article more credit if it were titled more appropriately, Sometimes Men Are Not The Problem. That is a true statement. Sometimes men are not the problem. But to say, Maybe Men Are Not the Problem is to absolve black men of any of the issues plaguing the black community, which is in line with what most like to do anyway, which is not to accept responsibility for anything, they simply want all of the praise, which is not the way life works so they need to get over it.

The author lists 5 primary reasons why they feel no one, especially black men want a black woman: too indepedent, the femist got us, non domestic, bad sex and down right fat.

I will admit that many sisters, if not most have taken this whole miss independent thing to another level. There is nothing wrong with being able to do for self; however, you can't be overbearing with it. When someone hear a woman say, "I don't need a man", please know that woman is lying. She's only saying that because she doesn't have one (man) and she needs to make herself feel better about it. It's like ugly people saying looks doesn't matter or fat people saying men like their plus sizes and calling themselves BBW or poor people saying we don't have food, shelter or clothes but we have love! It's all a lie to make themselves feel better and to sleep well at night. So if you know those folks are crazy and bitter, why pay attention to them? It's like brothers that complain about the man holding them down and "won't let me work". You have to say, no, it's about your ass not having a high school diploma, felonies on your police record and you just being lazy. But hey, why argue with those fools?

Being independent is a double edged sword for black women. For those of us with corporate positions, you have to be strong and assertive in the work place, like many black men with corporate positions, and because we have a lot more at stake with less room to error than our white counterparts. However, women have to remember to take off the power suit when they arrive home and not be so domineering but to allow the man to take the lead. I tell women all the time, submission is not a bad word. I look forward to finding the man that I can submit to, who can take some of this pressure off me and allow me to be pampered and treated like a Princess. And I think most women would love that however, we can't always do that with black men. let's keep it real, many, not all, but many black men simply aren't in the position to take the lead on much of anything. Therefore, someone is always having to take the lead for them. Too many black men don't graduate high school or get themselves in positions that will make it difficult to find work. And even if they can find some kind of job, 1/3 of their check got to go to babies that they've made outside the home. I mean, come on. I'm not submitting to that crap. He's proven that he can't make wise decisions. I wouldn't even be with someone like that but many black women do because of the lack of truly quality black men. And of the black men that have made better decisions and got their stuff together, well you can't tell them anything because they know they are a rare breed and instead of giving back and helping younger brothers get there and really doing something to improve the black community, they just want to know how many women they can get to fight over them, who they can bed and "wow, look at me, I don't even have to get a black woman, I can get a white woman or an international lover, now I'm really a man!" WHATEVER. Men are just as much the problem with too independent women as the independent women are themselves.

As for being a feminist, no group of women has embraced this more than white women and that's the truth. However, just like my point above, white men and men of other nationalities groom themselves to someday be a husband and the bread winner of the family, while too many black men simply don't have this kind of leadership. They don't prepare themselves. Like much in life, if you don't prepare for it, you have to take whatever is handed to you. That's obvious in many of the roles that black men have taken. White women and others have men at home to help carry their burden, but black women, because they choose to primarily love black men, simply don't have this luxury. Unlike black men, black women know they have to adapt to the hand they are dealt.

I always hear men complain about the domestic skills of the younger generation of women. Like the author said, they can't cook like the mothers or grandmothers generations ago. Well, I would like to add, again, black men aren't keeping up to their end of the bargain either. Black men have lost the hands on skills of their fathers and grandfathers. So many black men can't even change the oil in their cars. If they can change the oil, that's all they can do, maybe that and a tire. Other than that, they are clueless. And forget about fixing anything that's broken down around the house. They simply don't have the skills. Do you know how much money a young couple could save if men know how to do the basic maintenance on a car or up keep around the house? Not black men. Tell the author this, more women may be willing to be Betty Crocker but trust and believe, they will only do it for Mr. Goodwrench.

Please don't get me started on sex. Of all the women that I know that have had sex with men of other nationalities, and I know quite a few because the more educated women aren't as loyal to brothers as brothers like to think, WE all say the same thing, black men are the worst lovers out of the bunch. It is not a secret, when a black man gets into bed with a woman it's about getting HIS. When other men get into bed with women, especially white men, it's about pleasing their partners. Seriously. Black men are always so busy focusing on "their big black dicks"humping up and down on someone like a freaking jackhammer. They know nothing about stroking the kitty but they all think they do. And not all black men have big dicks. I thought that I would throw that one out there for good measure because black men love believing that STEREOTYPE. When these other women get with black men, white or international, they don't think they want to be with a black man because black men are known to be good providers, kind, considerate, INTELLIGENT or any other positive attributes one would seek in a mate. They initially hook up with them because they think they have big dicks and the women want to get fu*k really good. That's it. They want to feel rebellious and like Mandingo going to protect them. So negros need to get over themselves. Over time that brother may prove themselves to these women and they end up together but trust, he's proven himself to those women in ways that he hasn't with a black woman. The author even specifically mentioned black women not liking to perform oral sex on a man, every black woman I know, with the exception of 1 does it. Black men for years were known not to perform oral sex on a woman. I bet they do it for those white ones. It's simply something in black culture that taught such acts were nasty. I say all of thi to say, black men are also known not to be good lovers, just big dicks and many women mistakenly think big dicks equal greater pleasure but us intelligent women know that's not true.

And now on to the fat girls. I will admit there are a lot of fat black women. We need to work harder as a group to maintain our figures. Too many black women think if they dress up the fat really good, with a nice outfit, it's Ok, but it's not. They need to quit eating that soul food that the author mentioned earlier and go to the gym. They need to stop these crazy looking weaves and these other ghetto hairstyles while they are at it because it's simply not cute. However, I must address that being overweight is more of an socio-economic issues than a racial issue. There may be more overweight blacks than other groups because more blacks are on the lower end of the socio-economic scale than other groups. Recent reports just came out listing the fattest states and regions in this country. The south was listed at the top of the list with MS and AL at 1 & 2. They are also among the poorest states in the union. Rural areas tend to have more over weight people and rural areas tend to have more living in poverty than cities and suburbs. When you go to those places, you can see plenty of fat white and blacks walking around. And just so I can point it out, I don't think the author would have even notice this because he's so biased, there, you also have more fat women then men. How many times when looking in rural south do you see the fat white woman and the skinny white man? The same with blacks. In inner cities, you see more fat blacks because many blacks in the inner city are poor and simply don't have or maybe even want the education and resources to do better for themselves. So I say all of this to say, yes, black women need to step up with taking care of themselves but it's more than just "black women are fat".

In conclusion, this author presents no solutions in making things better for the black community overall and only points fingers and assess blame. This method has proven over time not to create any kind of positive change. The author has a very skewed view of looking at the world and I would suggest that he get out more. Most of us are skewed by our own experiences and how we see things but we have to work hard at getting out of that mindset and truly see what's going on underneath the surface problems. I would be interested in hearing his suggestions if he had any to truly help the black people. Not because I think they are valid, just like hearing how the other half thinks.