Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stuck On Stupid

How do you keep millions of people in the dark about American history when the truth is readily available. We live in an age of immediate information via the Internet and yet the truth seems beyond the reach of so many. I would think it near impossible to accomplish such a task of keeping millions blind, deaf and dumb, and yet before my very eyes, I have witnessed the flow of history travel the river of time with a large multitude of people quenching their mental thirst in puddles of ignorance that are no where near the river of truth. It is common for all of us to miss the mark on certain facts due to our own internal prejudices. If we were simply speaking of an incorrect fact here or there, I would be the first to say the mistakes are within the bounds of human normalcy. Blacks in America are the subjects of the greatest brainwashing ever conducted.

According to a Gallup poll of 1,319 adults taken in April of 2011, a majority of blacks (59%) say that the government should play a major role in improving the social and economic position of blacks, while 19% of whites agree. A little over half of blacks (52%) say that new civil rights laws are needed in this country, while 15% of whites agree. This shows Blacks still have a fear and look to the government for protection. What exactly are we afraid of? At what point are we allowed to be free people and not have to live in a constant state of fear requiring big brother to come protect us. Why are not other ethnic groups in America seeking government protection?

Do you think that relations between blacks and whites will always be a problem for the United States, or that a solution will eventually be worked out? The result of this Gallup question resulted in 55% of Blacks saying a solution will not be worked out. With a Black President, who made it to the White House with the support of many White folks, Blacks still believe there will always be a problem between Black and Whites. Let me let you in on a little secret, Blacks are afraid of Republicans. This is who they want the government to protect them from. Let's compare the parties to see who we should be afraid of.

It is time to be baptized in the river of truth. Republican party is the party of freedom, the party that fought for civil rights, the party of personal responsibility and the party that wants everyone to have the freedom to pursue happiness within the law to their ability. The Democratic party was the party of the KKK, the party of slavery and went to war to keep slavery, the party that did not want Blacks to vote, the party that did not want Blacks to be educated, the party of Wilson and The Birth of a Nation, the party that opposed every civil and voting rights legislation until the 1960s when they discovered Blacks were actually dumb enough to vote for them. Liar, liar is what they shout at me when I speak the truth. Over time you would think I would no longer be surprised at mass ignorance. You would think I would simply accept "what is" as what it is and what it will be. I guess part of me still holds on to an ounce of hope that a light will emerge from the darkness and fuel my hope that mass enlightenment will come some day. I guess like Martin Luther King, we all have our dreams.

How did this happen? How is it in an age of information, Blacks are ignorant of the history of the political party they support faithfully: idiot savants. Dr. Eric Michael Dyson say Blacks vote the issues not the party. Idiot savant: Dr. Marc Hill who legitimize blaming Whites for the ills and problems of the Black community. Idiot savant: Dr. Cornel West continues to blame America for the problems of Blacks. Idiot savant: Tavis Smiley criticize President Obama and rightfully so, but he is still a hamburger, small drink and small fry short of a Happy Meal. None of these idiots are where they are due to a government program. The idiots know the history of the Democratic party, know the solution for freedom but refuse to share their knowledge, and they continue to use their voice to keep Blacks blind, deaf and dumb. Sorry Nation of Islam, not due to the devil or white folks.

Idiot savants? Yes! Savants because they are all brilliant men. Extremely intelligent and self made in their own right. Idiots? Yes! The problem with the Idiot Savants is that they lack a belief that the masses of Blacks can do what they did. They want the rest of us to beg whites to share their wealth, beg the Republican party not to cut off the government cheese, they want Black kids to continue to attend failing schools, get on your knees some more and beg for a job, Please Mr. Charlie, please, please do something for my people for they have not, know not, and God willing, I will do everything within me to keep it that way. The more folks escaping the plantation endanger them from being special.

I know you are asking why? What would motivate the Idiot Savants to do such a thing. First, let me make clear the folks I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Blacks in position of leadership know their role. They know they serve the master and must do their part to keep the master happy. Teachers continue teaching Black kids the lie about history. Those on television use their opportunity to fuel the lies in an effort to keep the masses slaves to massa. Millions of Blacks misled about the truth and the Idiot Savants do nothing to change course. If you are really good at misleading Blacks, they feature you on MSNBC: Resist we much.

The crime against Blacks is an American tragedy. I am reaching out to anyone who will hear my plea for help. Learn the truth, spread the truth to others and help put an end to the programming and mind conditioning of Blacks.