Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I've taken some time off to study and reflect. I must say the re-election of POTUS Obama set me back and took much of the wind from my sails. The silver lining is that ten million people came to their senses and decided to not vote for him this election, but it was not enough. Now I realize it is time to walk the walk. I have spoken many times about freeing ourselves from the government plantation, well it is time for me to accept responsibility and do my part. Oppression can be used as a motivator to take action.

I own a phone company named MOTC Telecom. I started it because I love voice over IP, SIP, Unified Communications and communication technology has a whole. I love with great passion what I do. Also, it gives me a chance to be a first which was important to me for much of my life. MOTC Telecom is the first Black owned phone company in America. I feel good about myself and I wake up with a greater purpose. MOTC Telecom is a good first step, but there are many more steps that need to be taken.

I now accept and own doing something about the high unemployment rate in the Black community. MOTC Telecom is going to open doors for others who may not have the opportunity to discover their passion in life. There are others just like me who could discover their calling in life if they just had a chance and someone who believed in them. There are fathers who want to be responsible and provide for their families but can't get a break or the experience they need to get a better paying job. I can't sit back and feel good about being the first at something if my Black community family is catching hell.

Tony Brown had a huge impact on my thinking when I was in college and he helped shape the deep sense of being my brother's keeper. Part of my driving force will be to make a difference in the lives of others like Tony impacted my life. The time for talking and writing is over, the time for doing is NOW.

I am going to hire as many Black folks as possible who find themselves locked out of the mainstream. My door opening will not be a handout but an opportunity. My standards are high and will continue to be that way. I want people who are the best or willing to work hard to become the best. I want folks who are well rounded: good workers and great parents. I designed MOTC Telecom as the best Internet phone company that is second to none, but a company is only as good as its people; therefore, the people of MOTC Telecom will have the responsibility to carry the heavy weight of excellence.

I am my brother's keeper. It is my responsibility to create jobs for my community. It is my responsibility to provide services to my community when others dare not. Accepting responsibility is the next step in my journey.

I am asking everyone who visits my blog to give me an opportunity to earn your telephone business. We offer the best service with the highest quality sound. Our VoIP/SIP service uses HD sound. Our features and services are un-matched in the communication industry, and we guarantee to cut in half the phone bill of any major carrier.