Friday, February 03, 2012

Love Thou Slave Master

Black people often ask me, "how could you not support POTUS Obama?" He is black; you are black; black folks should support black people. The more important question is, should black folks support their slave masters? POTUS Obama is the head of the Democratic Party, an organization that terrorize black folks, did everything within their power to keep blacks from getting an education, use the KKK to lynch black folks, enacted black codes, created separate but equal and many more atrocities keep blacks from voting, integrating into white society and exercising their right as a citizen of the United States of America. Why would any black person in their right mind support the Democratic Party?

For years black people have been supporting the Democratic Party out of ignorance. If I did not possess the knowledge that I have, I could be one of those black folks supporting the Democratic Party. Knowledge not only liberates the mind, but it forces you to act on the knowledge that you have. My actions are directly result of the knowledge that I learned. I cannot support a party that killed thousands of black people. In fact, I will never support that party, I will never give money to that party, I will never vote for anyone from that party, and I will do everything in my power to bring the Democratic Party down. I will never say anything nice about the Democratic Party. I will never say anything nice about anyone who belongs the Democratic Party. To support the Democratic Party is to support their past.

My personal belief is that anyone who belongs to the Democratic Party, supports the Democratic Party or vote for the Democratic Party has their brain stuck on stupid. I know the Bible says turn the other cheek, to forgive is divine, love thy enemy, but this is asking entirely too much of black folks. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm looking at this entirely the wrong way. Maybe I should sell my soul to the devil for food stamps, housing vouchers and other handouts from the government. Unfortunately I don't think I can do that because I'm not a bitch. I'm a real man! Being a slave to the state is not my genetics.

Some folks are starting to wake up and see the damage to the black community as a result of dependency on the state. Dependency on government takes away your hopes, your dreams and your desires. What is left is a shell of a person that is barely functioning, can barely think, lacks normal intelligence, and can only share a thought put into their head by a liberal.