Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Who would have imagined the most conservative Black man in America agreeing with feminist? Don’t fret, I still uphold my conservative views, but recently, I’ve expanded my understanding and have become acutely aware of the damage of misogynistic attitudes advanced by the Hip-Hop under-culture.

In 2004, several movies released by Hollywood made me feel good about being a man: Arthur and Troy. Both movies depicted men of character, men who were willing to die for glory and principles, men who stood tall with purpose and duty to a higher power. How could any man not feel good after watching strong willed men accomplish and achieve their destiny or die trying?

Although the men in these movies are fictional, real life men fail miserably in comparison. In the Black community, men greet one another using the term “player” as if the word has positive intrinsic value. Truthfully it does not! As of late, I’ve personally become insulted by the use of the word. A Player (Playa) is a coward that lacks the moral conviction and strength to deal with a woman as a person of value. A Playa is also a male who is too lazy or too weak to work through the problems that are inevitable in relationships. Rather than stand for something, the coward Player retreats to another woman. Rather than stand for truth, he hides behind the image of decency but lacks the strength to fulfill its principles. In the end, his proud accomplishments are of deceiving women who desperately want to believe he’s a good man.

If you absolutely lack any moral convictions, principles or decency, you qualify for the title of Pimp. Outside of those involved in prostitution, when men refer to themselves as Pimps that translates into not having a willingness to work to support themselves or their family. The woman now becomes responsible for maintaining the family that includes a man.

The modern battlefield is the workplace. Men do battle using tools of intelligence, work experience and mastery to keep their families safe. Any man that is not willing to battle for his woman or his family is no man. Black men respect your Black woman and treat her with dignity and pride by demonstrating a willingness to support her. We should all reject using terms like Playa, Pimp and Gangster as acceptable greeting and focus on using words that add value: friend, father, husband, RFM (responsible fucking man). It is never to late to join the revolution.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Turn In Your Player Card

The dictionary defines change as a cause to be different. Change is not easy nor is it openly embraced by those comfortable with the status qua. The time has come for a change in the social mindset of Black men. I can not in good conscience continue to participate in the social machinery that allows for the destruction of the Black race. For those of you that think I’m talking about White Conservatives or Republicans, you are mistaken. I’m talking about Black men marching toward selfishness and leaving a path of emotional destruction behind them. Now is the time for all men to turn in their Playa Card and learn to deal with women as persons and not a sexual opportunity.

The first place we start is with our language. We should stop referring to ourselves as Players and Pimps. How we have allowed ourselves to follow the ignorant dictates of the Hip-Hop culture is beyond me. These terms are insulting to Black women with whom we have relationships with. As if our Pop culture is not degrading enough when it comes to women, we add to the problem by participating in the planned subjugation. Our language lays the ground work for our disrespectful behavior and this behavior is etched into younger Black boys listening to Black men call Black women bitches and whores. And while I’m on the subject of language, we should re frame from calling Black women bitches and whores. Black women are our wives, mothers, sisters, friends and lovers and they deserve to be treated with more respect from Black men.

Any man with a pulse can be a Player. There are so many women who desperately desire a quality relationship that they settle for the first guy who has some potential. Truth be known, most Players are cowards. They are not man enough to work through the tough times of making a relationship work. It is easy to surround yourself with several women and not deal with any tangible problems. As soon as one relationship no longer works, you move to the next one. Disposable women, relationships and emotions are the current legacy of the Black man. We must accept the challenge to change the future.

I know first hand how difficult it is to maintain a relationship, but the answer to the difficulties is not involving other women. The answer to dealing with the difficulties of relationship management is to work at becoming better at being in a relationship. I’m asking Black men to stop avoiding the tough and rigorous work of being good men to Black women and work to become good men. The potential exist within us all, but it takes work to unleash the good man within.

JR Stewart is an author and a motivational public speaker and can be reached at JRSTEWART@OpenESS.com

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Creation of Niggerville

I realize if you consult your atlas, you will not find Niggerville on any map, but it does exist in the minds of the uninformed. It would be nice to report the location as being in a far away land, filled with magical creatures and tons of adventures but this is not to be born. Niggerville is not a nice place; its citizens are filled with self-hate, community hate, nation hate and race hate.

The hot political topic in Niggerville is reparations for slavery. It does not matter that none of the former slaves are still living to bring a cause of action in court. It does not matter that you can’t trace abuses back to the person or family that committed the crimes or that a crime was even committed. For example, if I were a descendant of a former slave owner, I would assert my family freed all of its slaves and that the ones that stayed on the plantation did so voluntarily. Could you really prove me wrong in a court of law? All of the witnesses are gone and there is not much written text to support the claims for all of the citizens of Niggerville. But the folks of Niggerville continue to hold on to hope that their prayers will be answered and those checks will start arriving in the mail. Maybe we can get this issue addressed with a black president.

Did you realize all of the men in Niggerville are Playas, Pimps, Thugs, and Gangsters? There was a time when men addressed each other as “Man” to counter the psychological impact of being called “boy” by whites. Eventually, we became “Brothers” to our friends and “Kings” to our women. Is being a Pimp really something to aspire to? The men of Niggerville are doing the exact same thing whites did and that is use language to degrade and to keep Blacks down. Any man desiring to be a thug or a pimp is a low life ignorant immature male. I have a close friend that insist on calling me "playa" when greeting me, but has a problem when I address him as "my nigga". Trying to muster the energy to be insulted and advance an ignorant Political-correct cause,"I can't believe you used the N-word in public" is his favorite response. One day he'll learn when you address me in a respectful fashion, the privilege will be return. Until then, he's "my nigga from Niggerville"

Let’s not forget about the women of Niggerville. B*tches and whores they are. Though most think these terms are degrading, but not in Niggerville; it’s an honor have your Pimp call you “His B*tch”. The scale of decency in Niggerville is calibrated differently from the rest of society.

Joking aside, Black folks have a real problem with our culture being hi-jacked by the Hip-Hop crowd. The ignorant attitudes of those in the music industry create songs and images that are poising the minds of our young. Our Civil Rights leaders continue to provide misdirection and give false hope to older generations that fail to see very little is given to you in life. In fact, you must work hard and smart to get what you want and need in America. The sad truth is that the parents in Niggerville can't see that their children are simply rebelling against the same system they have been fighting against all of their lives. A classic case of the blind leading the blind.

If you are traveling to Niggerville, this is your opportunity to get off the train and go in a different direction. The legacy of Black folks is that we helped make America great by making her live up to her words that “All men are created free.” The greatness that exists today, our forefathers helped pave the path of freedom with their blood and suffering. Now is the time to define Black as an intelligent people, respectful people, God fearing people, proud people and honest people. Now is the time to make our forefathers proud of our accomplishments by creating businesses and jobs to support those that are disenfranchised from corporate America. Now is the time to force the system to create new testing procedures because our children educational scores are off the charts.

If we don’t establish sound leadership and direction for Black America, Niggerville will be the ultimate destination for far too many.

JR Stewart is an author and motivational speaker and can be reached at JRSTEWART@OpenESS.com

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Who Is Going To Save Black America

Martin Luther King is gone, Malcolm X is gone, and the vacuity that has resulted from the absence of strong Black leadership on the national stage has resulted in the collapse of Black America. For the last forty years, Black America has been following cultural social revolutions of Whites and the results have been disastrous. The four major social movements that are of primary concern are Drugs, Sex, Partnering and Hip-Hop.

The White Drug revolution of the sixties ushered in a change that brought drug use out of dark clubs and back alleys to the forefront. Open drug use was a means to defy the system of laws and agencies responsible for protecting America against illegal drug use. Drug use during this time did not appear to adversely affect the whole of White America. In fact, former President Clinton admitted to experimenting with drugs during this time, and President Obama admitted to being a crack head. But the affect on Black America has been devastating except for Obama. The Black Drug revolution has destroyed Black families, communities and has resulted in more Black men in prison than in college between the ages of eighteen and forty-four.

The White Sexual revolution and the Drug revolution co-existed initially until the drug culture moved back underground and left the sexual movement at the forefront. The Sexual revolution for Whites meant greater freedom to express their sexuality, and while greater freedom of expression was not limited to Whites, the sexual movement for Blacks has resulted in two thirds of black children being born to teenage unwed mothers. In addition, one million Black children are aborted every year and most are from teenage mothers. The Black sexual revolution is the fuel that provides power for the poverty social engine. With such a large segment of our population being born into poverty, it’s difficult for Blacks to create wealth. Without wealth, improving the economies of our communities is impossible, and without an economic base, we cannot create jobs for those that are disengaged from the mainstream, which results in more crime.

Shortly after Equal-Rights for women faded from social conscience, Partnering quickly and quietly replaced it. Partnering allows for sharing of responsibilities within a relationship. In theory, it is simple and practical for relationships in the twenty-first century. Surely this movement can’t be a detriment to Black society. Yes it can! Partnering strips a man of his leadership role within the family structure. Without a central authoritarian figure, children fall prey to the latest social currents that provide fragile minds with directions. A man that is not a leader within his home is almost as bad as the father that is absent.

When you combine the high crime rate due to poverty and drugs, open sexuality, lack of leadership, it is no wonder Hip-Hop has taken control of Black culture. “What’s up pimp, playa, thug or gangsta”, “where’s yo bitch?” Can you imagine, in forty years terms such as pimp and bitch are mainstream within the Black community. Degrading women, glamorizing a life of crime, ignorance running rampant among young Blacks, are some of the reasons a new voice is needed. A new social revolution is needed to focus Black people on educational excellence, strong family, community responsibility, social respect, social honesty and a desire to contribute to society rather than take from it.

JR Stewart is an author and motivation speaker and can be reached at JRStewart@OpenESS.com

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Your Time Has Come

You're not in the game of life when set up by the system
You can't even speak your rights when the system never listens
It's time to take control
All rulers stand and represent your roll

We were born with rights
now it's time to stop serving the whites
These crackers put themselves in a maze
now it's time to show them some of our old school ways

They taught us to stop, drop and roll
the new system says listen and take control
We're moving closer to the plantation
let's past up on all locations

Let's drink to a new revelation
Black people, Black nation

By Keisha X