Sunday, May 03, 2009

Obama, what’s in it for black folks?

I must state up front that I am a far-right wing conservative but I do my best to be open minded. I’ve given some thought to what it means to have a black president in America, and the truth is not good. Once again, black folks have put their faith and trust in another government official that can care less about their concerns and is only concerned with keeping the far-left, cool-aid drinking, mentally ill wing of his party happy. Obama was careful not to promise black folks anything during his campaign, but he did fulfill his promises to close Gitmo, to undo executive orders banning partial birth abortions, to make sure terrorist have access to courts that guarantee their freedom.So far, he signed a bill into law that ended federal support for vouchers that allowed inner city kids a chance to get an exceptional education by using their voucher to attend private or charter school. Promises made to the teachers union must be keep even if it means thousands of inner city kids are returned to failed public schools. I’ll give Obama this; a promise made is a promise keep. Oh wait, that was George Bush line. Let’s stack up his accomplishments so far

* Open the door for more babies to be killed
* Preventing black kids from using vouchers to get a good education.
* Closing Gitmo while not having a plan for detainees
* Trashing America during foreign trips

One day, blacks are going to wake up and realize they’ve been duped again. So much hope and promise to have someone looking out for your interest, oh…what in the hell am I talking about? Obama never promised black folks a single thing. So far, he’s delivering on giving black folks just what he promised, NOTHING! So, I must honestly say Obama is keeping is word as it relates to black folks. We didn’t ask for anything and he did not promise anything, therefore, he’s batting a thousand with black folks. He’s giving everything he said he would. The sad thing is that he talks about helping those at the bottom, but he refuses to do anything to help black folks who are at the bottom in order to keep from appearing as a black president. Hey, don’t walk away sad, at least we have a black president for the history books and you'll look back proudly telling your children how you helped make history. Surely, making history was worth throwing your vote away. I'm going to make history by being the first to apply for one of the five million new jobs he promised to create, but if Obama fails at that also, at least we have a black president.

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