Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Puppet Master and his puppet

A good friend called me today and as we were talking, I mentioned the folks in New Orleans are still in need of help and Obama has not provided any assistance since he’s been in office. Obama has keep his promises to the teachers union, the labor unions, Latinos, Wall Street folks, but when it comes to Black folks, he cut school vouchers to thousands of Black kids in DC who used those vouchers as a means to escape the rot of DC schools. My friend is such a truckle for Obama that he provided me the choice to continue insulting Obama or change the subject. If I continued insulting Obama, as he puts it, then he was hanging up. My response to him, “fuck that nigger Obama” and then I hung up the phone. I refused to be silent over friendship.

Obama promised the world to everyone and is doing his best to deliver, but when it comes to Blacks, he promised nothing and that is exactly what he is delivering. He dare not do anything that makes it seems like he is showing favorite to Black folks. The fact is Bush spent twenty billion on Katrina and Obama not one red cent. The problem with Katrina is that too many Blacks are associated with it. If Katrina had a white face, Obama would be all over it with money, hope and change.

When you point out that Obama has done nothing for Black folks, the follow-order-functionaries (truckles) say stupid things like, “he can’t come across as being biased for Blacks or he risk losing White support.” So as usual, Black folks supported a party and a candidate that don’t support them. But every two to four years, the poverty pimps (Jackson, Sharpton) come out reminding Black folks to support the wrong person because they make their money selling out their people. When are Blacks going to ask themselves, what in the hell has all this support gotten me? I’m catching the same hell after Election Day as I did before election day. Black folks keep getting poorer and poorer but we continue to support the party that is keeping us poor.

Do you really think the Democratic Party want to see Black folks having real wealth in America? To have folks worrying about how to reduce their tax liabilities, increase their wealth, how to get their kids into good schools, and not dependent on government for their existence are the last things the Democratic Party and their overseers and house niggers want for Black folks. You being free to live your life is the last thing they want for you. The very last!

Where is the proof they say, well all I ask is that you research for yourself. Here is what Standford university had to say: “The news is particularly good for black students. Six to seven months after entering their new private school, low-income African American students scored higher in math and reading than those remaining in public schools.” Oh my God, a program that actually works and helps Black kids. Let’s send the puppet (Obama) to put a stop to that program. Can’t have programs actually working for Blacks; not when we have all these failed programs especially designed to keep them down. So the truckles praise the puppet for allowing the kids already enrolled to graduate, but no new kids can be helped because the puppet promised the teachers union that we would force kids back to the public schools. Private school is good for the Obama kids, but not for Black kids stuck in the hood trying to get out.

Black folks, stop being played and open your eyes and see who the real enemy is: Obama and his Party.


Anonymous said...

"Obama has keep his promises to the teachers union"

Yes, he has. He promised he would continue Bush's policies and then fuck us over even harder as regards job security and pay. And he has done just that.

I voted for him as I really had no choice (it was either him or Cancer Guy and Caribou Barbie) but I'll be goddamned if I'd do it again. He's going to leave a legacy as the man who did more than any other president to destroy the educational system of this nation.

Anonymous said...

You clearly understand what is going on. You are looking at this from outside the propaganda and rhetoric. It is refreshing but also disappointing that many (of all races) find slavery to the state more preferable than making ones self. Obama and the democrat party is not only pushing plantation mentality to Blacks but everyone. They are an enemy to choice and individual freedom. Collectivism/statism is slavery.