Saturday, December 11, 2004

Following White Social Movements

For the last decade, I’ve warned against following social movements of White People. They were able to resist the war, have sex, do drugs and become partners in relationships, and yet, White society has not been too adversely affected. Let’s examine the affect on Black people following White social movements.

Our leaders who resisted the War were thrown in jail or killed. Martin Luther King – killed, Malcolm X – killed, Ali – thrown in jail, Black Panther Party – members killed and thrown in jail. As history bears out, war resisting has not been our crowning accomplishment.

The sexual revolution provided light for all of the dark and taboo aspects of White American sexual life. For Black people, our sexual revolution shifted the landscape of Black America from adults producing children to teenage girls producing most of our children (62%). Un-wed teenage mothers are the norm and not the exception. Children raising children is the legacy of our sexual revolution.

The drug revolution brought forward the destruction of families and communities. We currently have more Black men in jail than we do in college. Most are in jail for drug related charges. Drugs have destroyed our families, our streets and our communities. White people can puff on weed, but not inhale, and become President. A Black man…well you know how the story ends: jail or death.

Of all the failed social movements, Partnering may be the most dangerous of them all. I have an audio that explains why Partnering is bad for the Black family and the Black community. Please visit

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