Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Creation of Niggerville

I realize if you consult your atlas, you will not find Niggerville on any map, but it does exist in the minds of the uninformed. It would be nice to report the location as being in a far away land, filled with magical creatures and tons of adventures but this is not to be born. Niggerville is not a nice place; its citizens are filled with self-hate, community hate, nation hate and race hate.

The hot political topic in Niggerville is reparations for slavery. It does not matter that none of the former slaves are still living to bring a cause of action in court. It does not matter that you can’t trace abuses back to the person or family that committed the crimes or that a crime was even committed. For example, if I were a descendant of a former slave owner, I would assert my family freed all of its slaves and that the ones that stayed on the plantation did so voluntarily. Could you really prove me wrong in a court of law? All of the witnesses are gone and there is not much written text to support the claims for all of the citizens of Niggerville. But the folks of Niggerville continue to hold on to hope that their prayers will be answered and those checks will start arriving in the mail. Maybe we can get this issue addressed with a black president.

Did you realize all of the men in Niggerville are Playas, Pimps, Thugs, and Gangsters? There was a time when men addressed each other as “Man” to counter the psychological impact of being called “boy” by whites. Eventually, we became “Brothers” to our friends and “Kings” to our women. Is being a Pimp really something to aspire to? The men of Niggerville are doing the exact same thing whites did and that is use language to degrade and to keep Blacks down. Any man desiring to be a thug or a pimp is a low life ignorant immature male. I have a close friend that insist on calling me "playa" when greeting me, but has a problem when I address him as "my nigga". Trying to muster the energy to be insulted and advance an ignorant Political-correct cause,"I can't believe you used the N-word in public" is his favorite response. One day he'll learn when you address me in a respectful fashion, the privilege will be return. Until then, he's "my nigga from Niggerville"

Let’s not forget about the women of Niggerville. B*tches and whores they are. Though most think these terms are degrading, but not in Niggerville; it’s an honor have your Pimp call you “His B*tch”. The scale of decency in Niggerville is calibrated differently from the rest of society.

Joking aside, Black folks have a real problem with our culture being hi-jacked by the Hip-Hop crowd. The ignorant attitudes of those in the music industry create songs and images that are poising the minds of our young. Our Civil Rights leaders continue to provide misdirection and give false hope to older generations that fail to see very little is given to you in life. In fact, you must work hard and smart to get what you want and need in America. The sad truth is that the parents in Niggerville can't see that their children are simply rebelling against the same system they have been fighting against all of their lives. A classic case of the blind leading the blind.

If you are traveling to Niggerville, this is your opportunity to get off the train and go in a different direction. The legacy of Black folks is that we helped make America great by making her live up to her words that “All men are created free.” The greatness that exists today, our forefathers helped pave the path of freedom with their blood and suffering. Now is the time to define Black as an intelligent people, respectful people, God fearing people, proud people and honest people. Now is the time to make our forefathers proud of our accomplishments by creating businesses and jobs to support those that are disenfranchised from corporate America. Now is the time to force the system to create new testing procedures because our children educational scores are off the charts.

If we don’t establish sound leadership and direction for Black America, Niggerville will be the ultimate destination for far too many.

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Anonymous said...

I am now really beginning to regret that expensive trans-Atlantic plane ticket to Niggerville I bought :(