Saturday, January 08, 2005

Who Is Going To Save Black America

Martin Luther King is gone, Malcolm X is gone, and the vacuity that has resulted from the absence of strong Black leadership on the national stage has resulted in the collapse of Black America. For the last forty years, Black America has been following cultural social revolutions of Whites and the results have been disastrous. The four major social movements that are of primary concern are Drugs, Sex, Partnering and Hip-Hop.

The White Drug revolution of the sixties ushered in a change that brought drug use out of dark clubs and back alleys to the forefront. Open drug use was a means to defy the system of laws and agencies responsible for protecting America against illegal drug use. Drug use during this time did not appear to adversely affect the whole of White America. In fact, former President Clinton admitted to experimenting with drugs during this time, and President Obama admitted to being a crack head. But the affect on Black America has been devastating except for Obama. The Black Drug revolution has destroyed Black families, communities and has resulted in more Black men in prison than in college between the ages of eighteen and forty-four.

The White Sexual revolution and the Drug revolution co-existed initially until the drug culture moved back underground and left the sexual movement at the forefront. The Sexual revolution for Whites meant greater freedom to express their sexuality, and while greater freedom of expression was not limited to Whites, the sexual movement for Blacks has resulted in two thirds of black children being born to teenage unwed mothers. In addition, one million Black children are aborted every year and most are from teenage mothers. The Black sexual revolution is the fuel that provides power for the poverty social engine. With such a large segment of our population being born into poverty, it’s difficult for Blacks to create wealth. Without wealth, improving the economies of our communities is impossible, and without an economic base, we cannot create jobs for those that are disengaged from the mainstream, which results in more crime.

Shortly after Equal-Rights for women faded from social conscience, Partnering quickly and quietly replaced it. Partnering allows for sharing of responsibilities within a relationship. In theory, it is simple and practical for relationships in the twenty-first century. Surely this movement can’t be a detriment to Black society. Yes it can! Partnering strips a man of his leadership role within the family structure. Without a central authoritarian figure, children fall prey to the latest social currents that provide fragile minds with directions. A man that is not a leader within his home is almost as bad as the father that is absent.

When you combine the high crime rate due to poverty and drugs, open sexuality, lack of leadership, it is no wonder Hip-Hop has taken control of Black culture. “What’s up pimp, playa, thug or gangsta”, “where’s yo bitch?” Can you imagine, in forty years terms such as pimp and bitch are mainstream within the Black community. Degrading women, glamorizing a life of crime, ignorance running rampant among young Blacks, are some of the reasons a new voice is needed. A new social revolution is needed to focus Black people on educational excellence, strong family, community responsibility, social respect, social honesty and a desire to contribute to society rather than take from it.

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